FINNOVEX Southern Africa June 26th, 2022

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The Leading Summit Financial Services Innovation and Excellence. East Africa currently is home to some of the quickest growing economies in the world and the entire continent is set for a vast economic transformation. Moreover, the pandemic crisis has brought to the fore the possibilities of the digital economy. Africa already leads the world on telecom infrastructure and uptake and innovation in the digital economy. This offers efficiency and productivity gains for African economies. Today it presents a chance to continue to build the economy in the post Covid-19 environment and even for Africa to aspire to become a global hub for innovation.

Top 10 speakers:

  • Vijay Naidoo - Chief Information Officer, Old Mutual Finance, South Africa
  • Minal Nagin - Chief Operating Officer Risk, Investec, South Africa
  • Josef Langerman - Acting Group Chief Technology Officer, Standard Bank Group, South Africa
  • Sean Stander - Chief Operating Officer Risk, Standard Bank Group, South Africa
  • Kuldip Paliwal - Managing Director, First Alliance Bank, Zambia
  • Chresta C. Kaluba - Chief Risk Officer, Atlas Mara, Zambia
  • Francis Karuhanga - Chief Audit Officer, Standard Bank Group, South Africa
  • Robert Mookola Malasha - Acting Chief Financial Officer, Development Bank, Zambia
  • Krishnan Menon - Chief Operating Officer, Absa Bank of Botswana, South Africa
  • Yaza Kaluwa Kara - Head: Innovation Partnerships & Agile Project Office, Stanbic Bank, Zambia



  • 350+ VIP Attendees
  • 8+ Networking Hours
  • 4+ Panel Discussions
  • 10+ Keynote Sessions
  • Notable Speaker Line-Up
  • Industry Actors and Policymakers Engagement
  • FinTechs and Innovators Trail Sessions
  • Intriguing Content Sessions
  • Deliberately Curated Agenda
  • Virtual Interactive Networking
  • Brainstorming Roundtables

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