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What will the digital future of banking look like? And how do topics like retail and smart data play into it?


Smart Data: The past years were all about collecting as much data as possible (Big Data), but merely collecting it doesn’t offer much benefit. We need to collect it in the right places, be able to use it intelligently as a basis for decisions and extract value from it (Smart Data).

Connected Devices: The Internet of Things constitutes the variety of sensors and devices that are there to simplify our lives. Technologies like iBeacons and wearables enable us to harvest and analyze our own data – and the fitness tracker is only a first and small step into the world of connected devices.

Service Revolution: Digital customers are well-connected and demanding. This also manifests itself in their expectations of customer services. The shoe vendor Zappos, for example, can be called and asked for the weather forecast.

Blockchain: The blockchain is a decentralized system for administering transactions which became popular foremost by means of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. There are a lot of additional fields it plays into: e-commerce, crowdfunding/P2P lending, mobile payment, social media or platforms/APIs.

FinTech/InsuranceTech: The digital world of finance and insurances is going through a (r)evolution. New disruptive ideas in these fields will permanently change the people’s future relationship towards finance and insurances. The hackathon wants to become the platform to define this future.

Open Data: Open data is an important component of today’s digital society. We want to achieve more transparency through freely available data.

Open to anything: We’re open to anything you have to offer theme-wise. You have more interesting ideas or business cases from within the periphery of the banking sector? We’re looking forward to your participation!


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