Issue #341 - Between Adoption and Rejection December 9th, 2021

"FinTech Weekly wants to provide you with the most useful news about fintech, and we often cover the success of fintech firms.

But it is also true that most of the small businesses we deal with every day are still not well integrated with the new digital economy, founded on financial technology. Why does this happen?

Fintech companies around the world raise funds - with third-party investments worth millions of dollars, Visa continues working on its project to make cryptos more popular, regulators try to find a way to allow people to use DeFi services while keeping the financial system safe, Apple is “getting into what was once purely a government domain”, people are loving the experience economy; but how many times you find a mini-market that accepts cryptos?

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Rosalia Editor at FTW

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    Jason Mikula, the publisher of Fintech Business Weekly, talks about Apple’s new digital driver’s license. The company is dealing with many states to get permissions, so the document will be available also in a digital version, ready for the driver’s license feature that the company will launch in 2022.





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