Fintech News Issue #210 March 28th, 2019

The three phases of change when transforming the bank, the true meaning of open banking and what bank CIOs think of most tech firms. A Chris Skinner triple feature in the Top Stories. Also, I'm sad to announce it's my last week at FinTech Weekly, I am off to new endeavours, leaving all you people in the fantastic hands of Max and Jan who will do an exceptional job taking care of curating the best content each week. Enjoy my last issue! – Michael and the FinTech Weekly team

Top Stories

    A year ago I blogged about invisible banking and that I have some issues with it, namely that the bank brand disappears and the customer finds it too easy to spend without thinking. Now, I read more and more about embedded banking, contextual banking, frictionless banking and more, and I think people have got this all wrong.

    I can understand why bankers can be sceptical about what technologists say. For years, technologists have been telling them that their business is threatened by technological change.

    I’ve mentioned quite often that you cannot sort out all of the banks systems and structures overnight. It has to be a slow burn and often takes more than five years. It also appears to take place in three phases.

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