Fintech News Issue #266 April 30th, 2020

This week in the latest issue of FinTech Weekly: Three top stories and each one is a podcast. We figured with so many people at home and more time to spend with them, a podcast is just the thing. In the Top Stories you can find Podcasts on the topics: "Is Libra 2.0 good enough?", "COVID-19 Impact on the Future of Retail Banking" and "I'm fed up with people saying banks are stupid.

Top Stories

    The COVID-19 pandemic is the most serious challenge to retail banking in almost a century. Retail banks have had to rethink distribution, support government relief programs and manage remote work forces, all while trying to meet consumer expectations during a period of household-level economic uncertainty.

    Chris Skinner, the author of "Doing Digital," defends banks' response to the coronavirus crisis and discusses why he thinks the tech giants won't be able to take market share away from traditional financial institutions.

    Fintech Beat sits down with Cornell University’s Daniel Awrey and Cato’s Diego Zuluaga to debate Facebook’s changes to the Libra cryptocurrency —and whether consumers and the financial system are safer.

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