Fintech News Issue #297 December 31st, 2020

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    Bank merger volume was down significantly in 2020 from 2019. What a surprise, eh?

    Debuted last month, Chase's in-app virtual assistant will be rolled out in full throughout 2021. The Digital Assistant allows users to type out inquiries and commands related to balances; account and routing numbers; replacing, locking, and unlocking cards; and paying bills and transferring money, among other functions.

    While the mortgage industry has been notably slow to adapt to new technologies, use of remote online notarization software accelerated significantly in this year of social distancing.

    Central bank says Ant Group governance is unsound and tells it to rectify ‘illegal activities’

    The 2020 Fintech Year in Review
    via Chris Skinner's Blog

    I said I was on holiday, which I am, but noticed a very nice round up of 2020’s biggest Fintech news stories by Abraham A. Tachjian, who writes at I felt it was a good way to end the year and Abraham kindly said yes, I can share it so … enjoy!

    Fintech landscape will see emergence of innovations that will facilitate holistic financial services over single mobile interface

    Top Fintech Trends In 2021
    via International Banker

    It’s fair to say that 2020 has been among the most consequential years ever for the fintech (financial technology) industry. Thanks in no small part to a deadly pandemic that swept across much of the world, consumers, households and businesses alike have all had to depend on the digital world a whole lot more than at any time previously.

    We are officially in the fintech age. The shift to digital payments has only accelerated amid the pandemic, and if you've been following recent trends, then you know the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies into the mainstream is having a profound impact on financial systems and how they function across the globe.