Issue #335 October 27th, 2021

Can you remember a point in time when payment methods and investments were so discussed? Today, financial education and inclusion, as well as financial freedom and investments, are an everyday issue. And if this is a good thing, it is true that it needs more education and responsibility - both from kids and parents, as you will see.

FinTech companies are filling the gap left by banks - they are democratizing finance.

Today, we want to analyze this topic by taking into account 11 articles that represent the most immediate result of this new way of thinking, that is, payment methods. We will analyze new ways to invest, and we will tell you about two great conferences that can help you better understand this new world. We left the best part for the end, for those who are still not informed about the fact that even the cannabis industry has its own payment method today.

Top Stories

    What we learn from history is that people don’t learn from history”. Warren Buffett might be proven wrong - for the first time.

    The Tie and Cointelegraph learnt how to learn from historical market data to predict the price of a crypto asset over time, and automatize everything a trader needs to do to achieve amazing results.

Top Events

    Network with over 700 investment professionals from all over the country as you discover the latest developments in financial advice and technology. The Fearless Investing Summit is Riskalyze’s annual conference, empowering financial advisors to recharge in a beautiful location, evaluate new ideas and tools, and receive invaluable education from world-class thought leaders.

    According to Forbes this is "the best technology conference on the planet". It will take place in Lisbon, from Nov 01 to Nov 04, 2021.

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