Issue #337 November 11th, 2021

Amid new financial solutions and cooperations between fintech firms and banks, it is always more evident that people need to choose between privacy and low-cost products and services.

Regulators are controlling each innovation and sharing their opinions on how things should work in their views, and even if new fintech firms are improving their collaborations with traditional systems to acquire their experience, the final word is up to people and businesses.

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    At the COP26 held in Glasgow, the leaders of the United Nations Climate Change Conference are dealing with climate change taking into account all the aspects of our life it is affecting. Finance is no exception. Many top executives are highlighting how ‘green’ stocks are ranking better, and why this is an issue which is changing people’s priorities.

    “Technosocialism isn’t a political movement, it’s a social outcome”. Brett King, the author of The Rise of Technosocialism - written with Richard Pretty, explains why technology is changing society and how it is improving our lives.

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