FinTech News Issue #35 October 1st, 2015

Welcome to another issue of FinTech Weekly. This week's top news feature mobile banking accounts for immigrants and expats and the first of three parts of our favorite utopia - the cashless economy. Moreover, we provide a discussion on wether or not FinTech can be trusted. Also included are new perspectives on disruption, blockchain and our good old friend, Bitcoin. As always, we want to take a look into the future and provide you with the essentials to stay cutting edge with your fintech knowledge. Don't neglect our upcoming conferences and events. Enjoy!

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    It is official- Millennials are now the biggest consumer generation. And digital natives have more options than ever before, and exercise their options to find the services that meet their needs the best. Today, Brett talks to Samantha Ghiotti of Anthemis, and Aldo de Jong of Claro Partners about their new tool "Always in Beta", which explains the approach that banks need to take to reform their culture and systems in the 21st century.

    This week, we welcome a guest again: Steffen Blumröder from BITKOM, who already talked to us in Podcast 19. After a brief recap, we originally wanted to talk about topics of regulation concerning fintech. Unfortunately, we experienced some technical problems, which is why we need to postpone this part to next week.

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