Issue #352- Will Fintech Break New Records in 2022? February 24th, 2022

In this number of FinTech Weekly we explore the many facets of fintech.

In spite of the tough situation the world is witnessing, countries and firms have different reactions when it comes to fintech: while El Salvador is experiencing a surge in tourism due to its controversial choice to make Bitcoin legal tender, some firms try to reach high valuations and find new investors, while others announce new partnerships to simplify the life of merchants.

As usual, people benefit from a wider range of opportunities: while this usually happens because of competition, Denada Ramnishta makes us reflect on the word that is making fintech succeed - collaboration.

You will find this and more in this new number of FinTech Weekly.

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    Denada Ramnishta shares a particular point of view related to fintech. As the GM and Head of Corporate Strategy at Lendio, she highlights one particular aspect of the fintech system, made more evident by the pandemic: to succeed, companies should prioritise collaboration - not competition.



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