Issue #353 - FinTech Against War March 3rd, 2022

In this FinTech Weekly Newsletter you will inevitably find many titles related to the actual conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Fintech, once again, shows its power and resiliency: while entrepreneurs find new ways to help everyone to control their financial lives - have a look at what Yasaman Hadjibashi and Keith Armstrong are doing; and popular firms like eBay want to get closer to financial technology, in this moment the whole fintech community is supporting all those people directly affected by the conflict - and it supports them in a pragmatic way.

For this reason, we want to let our readers know what our community is doing, and not only through fintech news, but also by indicating major fintech conferences that will help you to be a part of this community.

In this number, you’ll be able to discover two valuable fintech conferences - the World FinTech Forum - London, and the Futures Branches - Boston, just by following our links.

And to stay on top of global fintech news, FinTech Weekly chose the most important facts and opinions of the past seven days.

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