Issue #354 - What Is FinTech? Financial Technology Becomes Even Broader March 10th, 2022

What is FinTech? The last few years made it hard to give a simple definition. FinTech stands for financial technology, but its sphere of action becomes wider as time passes. FinTech becomes fundamental for societies, governments, entire countries, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows this development. Even if funding rounds are affected by the conflict, the fintech industry is still the hottest industry around. FinTech Weekly keeps you informed: not only the most relevant news, but also insights and the best fintech conferences to help you understand what fintech really is. In this number we analyzed the most important fintech news of the past seven days and we’re listing two important institutions that will offer you extremely valuable fintech conferences: CXFS/NGCX and the Worldwide Business Research conferences.

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