Issue #360 - The World Needs Decentralization April 21st, 2022

FinTech Weekly shares with you the most relevant developments in the fintech space. As usual, financial technology works on achieving major results in terms of inclusion, and decentralization seems to be the best way to reach this goal: thanks to cost-reduction, the opportunity to have full control over their finances, and the possibility to be the sole responsible for their financial assets, decentralization allows everyone to enter the modern economic and financial system.

At the same time, as the fintech industry evolves, it addresses the most urgent issues related to a system that is still in its infancy: fraud prevention is one of these issues, as well as a higher level of efficiency for what concerns blockchain technology.

This and much more in this number of FinTech Weekly, which helps you to know more about financial technology and let you discover the most important fintech conferences.

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