Issue #369 - Green, Easy, Inexpensive: 3 Keywords For The Future June 22nd, 2022

Financial uncertainty always leads to reactions. While regulators are still dealing with crypto scams and trying to find out how to protect people from a rising offer of financial products, businesses try to adapt to people’s requests. There are three main points that can be identified: people want green, easy-to-use and inexpensive products. Fintech firms are not only creating new solutions, but also helping institutions to adopt valuable measures.

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    The Fintech Islands Experience (FIX) will be an important catalyst for fintech innovation and transformation across the Caribbean. The three-day conference will focus on bringing global thought leadership, best practices and best-in class solutions to the Caribbean’s banking and financial industry, while introducing this largely untapped market to the fintech world.

    Attend the premier conference for data & analytics leaders in North America – Chief Data & Analytics Officers, Fall on October 10-12, 2022 in Boston, MA. New this year is a personalized learning and networking track for data & analytics executives serving the Financial Services industry. Join your peers who understand your challenges and celebrate your successes when it comes to the nuanced intricacies of data & analytics. Qualified data & analytics folks can attend at no cost with a VIP pass.




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