FinTech News Issue #39 October 28th, 2015

Good morning, day or evening. Wherever (and whenever) you read your weekly dose of fintech news, we've got everything important covered for you. Reasons to hop aboard the fintech train, important trends and Chris Skinner's Innovation Cycle. Wanna work in fintech? Read about it. Is fintech here to stay? Read about it. Any spare time? Visit one of the conferences listed and listen to the podcasts on your way there. We wish you a wonderful week!

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More on Digital Innovation

    The Future of the Digital Bank
    by Ralf Reich, Shobhit Mathur

    New technologies have shown to be a driving force behind new business cases. Most of the time, however, banks are not really pioneers regarding these kind of changes.

Podcasts & Videos

    The looming giant in the FinTech industry is the Asian sectors. The potential for a new customer base and growth is enormous and FinTech companies are increasing focus on the sector in the effort to reach billions of new customers.

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