FinTech News Issue #40 October 30th, 2015

FinTech Weekly is turning #40. This week's top stories discuss the relationship between fintech and banks in different ways. Are fintechs a threat? Will the confrontation continue? Is banking actually fintech? And should we break up with our bank to assemble our own full stack bank? Apart from answering these questions, there are tons of events happening all around the globe. What's more: There's a fintech documentary in the making. Watch a trailer and more via our Videos section. We hope you'll enjoy this week's issue.

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    A documentary film looking at the growth of the global FinTech industry. is in the making. Watch the trailer and numerous preview clips. In this hour-long, high-quality documentary, we are traveling around the world to speak with the people who are shaping the FinTech industry at this pivotal moment.

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