Fintech News Issue #41 November 10th, 2015

FinTech Weekly #41 is here. This week's issue will reveal the truth about fintech, discuss the banks' position as institutions of trust and explain why fintechs didn't kill the banks yet. There's news for developers and some interesting thoughts on the role of the customer. As usually, we top off by presenting you the most important events in the business as well as your weekly dose of fintech podcasts. Enjoy yet another issue of Fintech Weekly!

Top Stories

    “Fintech” is one of this year’s most ubiquitous buzzwords; it has spawned any number of colorful infographics about the future of finance and banking. Some of these are merely a collection of logos, while others represent a more structured attempt to classify this new generation of players taking on financial services.

    The primary advantage legacy banking organizations have is their breadth of customer relationships. Despite increased competition, banks and credit unions can still position themselves as the principal gatekeeper and facilitator of the overall financial service relationship.

    Our banking and payments systems underpin virtually every other entrepreneurial activity. We all are out there trying to make, grow and spend money.

Top Events

    New technologies have turned our daily habits upside down. How we connect with others. How we read the news. How we purchase goods. Frankfurt a.M., November 16-18.

FinTech Articles

Podcasts & Videos

    [german only] Heute wieder ein Podcast zu einem der gewünschten Themen: Mobile Banking Apps. Als Gäste zwei Urgesteine des Mobile Bankings: Dauergast Maik Klotz und Sebastian Tiesler der lange bei Star Finanz die Apps für Sparkassen, StarMoney und andere Banken verantwortete

    RegTech has become the new hot term in the FinTech industry as it aims to tackle the burdens of regulation and ease compliance for pennies on the dollar. But with different regulatory environments and processes, can regtech developers create reg tech that is trusted by both the industry and the regulators?

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