Fintech News Issue #45 December 10th, 2015

What a week! And what a great time at the FinTech Connect Live in London the last few days. We interviewed a lot of interesting people and enjoyed the panels, talks and discussions there. We are currently working on our FTC Live Special Edition, where we will provide you the most interesting details of what we found out, present you some of the startups and excerpts of some of the interviews. For the time being, enjoy issue #45 of our newsletter.

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    [german only] Auch wenn ihr es vielleicht nicht glauben mögt, aber wir hatten das Thema schon vor dem Handelsblatt Artikel zu Lendico auf der Liste und auch für gestern geplant. Aber so passt es natürlich noch besser, dass Jochen und ich gestern mit Sebastian Rumberg über PR bei FinTech StartUps sprachen.

    For ages, our signatures have been our identifiers with banks, but in the mobile age, signatures are risky, slow, and far less secure than other methods of identification. Between fingerprints, iris scans, biorhythms, and many other bodytech apps, there are better, faster, and more secure identifiers that banking can use.

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