Fintech News Issue #48 December 30th, 2015

Without a doubt, the past year has been a highly exciting one for the fintech sector. But before 2015 is history, please take a moment to have a look at what was most important and ground-shaking in the last 12 months. We all wish you a blessed, healthy and successful start into 2016. See you next year!

Top Stories

    2015 has been an incredible year for FinTech. This infographic explores the biggest trends and most important deals of the year, along with the key figures taking the industry in new and exciting directions.

    This BankNXT roundup post is about insurance technology (insurance tech), and how this financial space in particular has attracted investment and innovative startups.

    Going open source with banking APIs is the key to success, and fear of it may lead to disintermediation. Story by Chris Skinner.

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