Fintech News Issue #49 January 7th, 2016

Happy new year! 2016 holds 366 days of fintech news for us. What's the year going to look like? We gathered some attempts to predict the upcoming 12 months for you. Enjoy the read. FinTech Weekly wishes you all the best for 2016. – Michael and the FinTech Weekly team.

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    In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has followed up on its rhetoric that the regulatory framework wants to accommodate innovation in financial services. We discuss the definite green signal and several welcome initiatives from the regulator that should deliver in 2016.

    This article is based on a podcast recently recorded by LTP. We invited mobile payments guru Nick Holland to discuss what to expect in 2016 along with our Co-founder Amit Goel. LTP CEO Aditya Khurjekar moderated the special session, the first of a multi-part series, focused on predicting what we can expect in FinTech in 2016.

    Last year the banking industry woke up to the reality that nimbler, more innovative technologies and entrepreneurs were looking to replace it. Now that bankers are fully aware of the challenge, 2016 is their chance to act.

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Podcasts & Videos

    We wish you all a very happy and very prosperous 2016! To jump it off, we have an amazing episode today! Brett King hosts David Bach, 9-times bestselling author of the Finish Rich series, and a financial guru. Check out more about him at

    [German only] Vor knapp einem Jahr gab es hier den ersten Podcast. Für euch hier die bisherige Top 1o – wobei man sagen muss, dass sich Mitte des Jahres die Stats bei Soundcloud geändert haben. Aber egal – das sind die blanken Zahlen.

    Happy New Year. As 2016 starts, Brian & Faisal debate if “this” is the year for payments! Both agree that 2016 is the Goldilocks Year, where conditions will be just right for fintech and payment projects to take off.

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