Fintech News Issue #58 March 9th, 2016

This week, we will see what a Brexit means for UK fintech, discuss a fintech bubble and regard the current state of fintech with some really good infographics – because everyone loves a nice infographic.

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– Michael and the FinTech Weekly team.

Top Stories

    UK fintech for Brexit?
    by Ian Anderson

    Has Brexit fallen at the wrong time for fintech in the UK? Ian Anderson looks at the pros and cons, and chooses his side of the fence.

    Coffee and the fintech bubble
    by Duena Blomstrom

    When will fintech simply become tech again? Duena Blomstrom looks at the concept of the fintech bubble.

    Who, what, where, when of the fintech industry today – this excellent infographics pulls together plenty of useful data, from top specialists, unicorns and start-ups to geographies and M&As.

FinTech Articles

Podcasts & Videos

    Bitcoin has often been dismissed as the currency of criminals and frauds, but those in the FinTech space have thought differently for a long time. Even when they didn’t defend bitcoin explicitly, the interest in blockchain has only grown. And bitcoin is performing better against the US dollar than any other currency.

    This week, Brian, Faisal and Mike discuss the coming of age of Robots & AI and what it means for us. We touch upon the various conferences we will be attending, covering and speaking in. The undocumented work, couple that with the recent news of the eliminating the US $100 Bill, what does all this mean. What has history taught us about value transfer and control.

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