Fintech News Issue #72 June 15th, 2016

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    Tristan Blampied, Senior Product Manager, Pelican, outlines the challenges banks face with their legacy systems in payments transformation and how banks can address these issues with innovative technology.

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    Want to start your own digital bank? Chris Skinner believes you should connect human contact to its digital foundation.

    Stewart McEwan on leveraging technology and big data in the insurance industry, and the potential pitfalls involved.

    As technology continues to proliferate in the world around us, banks are no exception. Digitalisation is revolutionising the way consumers interact with everything – companies such as Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, Netflix and Uber have transformed customer expectations and created a ripple effect across all industries.

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    I’ve had a few meetings with folks at the White House over the past eighteen months, which has been an honour and not something I felt I should blog about. The National Economic Council woke up to the FinTech world early last year and have been consulting with many in the FinTech ecosystem.

    Chris Skinner shares two thoughtful responses to his recent post about banking innovation and regulations in America.

    It is generally calculated that businesses must spend between four and ten times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one [1]. With that in mind, we would like to share several strategies risk departments can employ to help deliver a strong customer experience, an important component of customer loyalty.

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    Fintech in Africa, as elsewhere in the world, is big business. Investment is flooding into startups providing innovative ways of offering financial services. But the fintech space in Africa is different to that in developed economies, with a whole raft of opportunities presented by unique factors that are not found elsewhere in the world.

    Once you acquire a new customer, you can't afford to lose them. Here are 7 ways to build engagement quickly with recently acquired customers.

    They don’t say Europe is one of the most interesting markets for fintech and payments right now for nothing. But with so much going on it can be tough to stay on top of what’s happening in the different hubs across the region. Check out our weekly snapshot of the most interesting stories across the region.