FinTech News Issue #8 January 7th, 2015

FinTech Articles

    Zhang Weiwu: Bitcoin Adoption in Asia: A General Introduction. Presented at Bitcoin South; Video.

    The last months have included intense discussion on the feasibility and desirability of various economic forms of Blockchain innovation, including the ominous title of an article in Techcrunch, “A Bitcoin Battle is Brewing.” Although they contain many of the same principles that made Bitcoin successful, other digital assets have often been criticized and dismissed as “speculative.” However, recent usages of cryptoledger systems (c.f. “appcoins,” cryptoequity, smart contracts) often include substantial technological innovation and can be used to solve long standing problems both in investment and corporate governance.

    The city of New York issues eight to ten million parking tickets annually. But great news: Drivers will soon be able to use their smartphones to pay their fines instantly with mobile apps or cryptocurrencies.

    Fidor Bank is unique in the world of banking. It is a real bank in start-up mode since opening its virtual doors in January 2010. It currently operates with customers in Germany, while taking small steps in Russia.

    The Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Fintech in the UK, which has just opened branch in Asia, Startupbootcamp Fintech Singapore, Nektarios Lilios didn’t start off aiming to become a professional in the finance world.