Fintech News Issue #80 August 10th, 2016

Podcasts & Videos

    Brett King and Chris Skinner host Breaking Banks, which takes us through the basics of blockchain in this first of a five-show series.

Top Stories

    [Sponsored] We spoke with 3 senior digital banking executives from JPMorgan Chase, Santander and Moven to understand how they manage their mobile strategy and what they think the future of the digital payments industry will be. Questions answered in this Whitepaper are around partnerships between banks and fintechs, omnichannel customer experience, digital transactions, data and behavioral analytics and gamifying finance.

    Vaishali Naroola looks at the misunderstood risks associated with the crowdfunding sector in an attempt to avoid the mistakes that led to the global financial crisis in 2008.

    Since the 2008 financial crisis, the sector has looked to repair reputational damage, lock down compliance in the system and rapidly innovate to serve a new generation.

Top Events

    BarCampBankLondon is an informal event for FinTech practitioners in and around London [that includes Kraków and New York]. The first events were an offshot of BarCampBankParis and held in 2008. After a brief hiatus we're back! BCBL gives practitioners a chance to discuss and socialise with other knowledgeable professionals. Escape the permissioned vs. permission-less blockchain debate for a day and come to a place that understands your pain when the CSV file isn't escaped properly and it's not clear what the comma in the FCA handbook really means.

    Join us for a complete tour of financial innovation in the heart of Silicon Valley. Attend site visits to leading fintech companies and incubators, participate in world class workshops, mingle with the finalists of LATAM’s Fintech Award and finish off with a highly curated agenda program.

    A full list of conferences and events is available via our website

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