FinTech News Issue #9 January 21st, 2015

FinTech Articles

    NFC payments at POS via tap & go and connection with mobile services

    Austrian Netbanking Application by Erste Bank

    It’s getting harder to turn around in finance, especially fintech, without bumping into some reference to APIs, or application programming interfaces. Why do we normal folks have to worry about APIs? Aren’t they for the tech guys? APIs basically lay out the rules for how one application can talk to another.

    An analysis of the strategies being adopted by banks across the world to address FinTech. The financial technology space has always been a happening area as banks and financial firms have always been early adopters of technology. This continues today with a new generation of Financial Technology (FinTech) companies who are leveraging the Internet, mobile and social technologies, cloud computing and Big Data to build and take to market innovative solutions that are changing the way financial services are accessed, delivered and experienced.

    Today Lenddo announced its social scoring technology suite. Banks, alternative lenders, telco, P2P lenders and online marketplaces are able to use the Lenddo identity verification and credit scoring technology to serve new markets, reduce fraud and default rates, and improve customer service and operational efficiencies.

    The British Bankers Association and the Payments Council have called for the Government to take a 'light touch' to regulation of the underlying bitcoin blockchain technology, which they say has the potential to fundamentally change the way financial assets are transferred.