Fintech News Issue #128 July 27th, 2017

The next bubble: ICOs? How are bans doing with preparations for PSD2? And how will chatbots evolve in FS? Find out in this week's briefing.

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    ast week, one of the final demons of the dotcom crash at the start of the 21st century was finally exorcised. The S&P 500 technology index, a gauge of the leading US internet stocks, passed the record that had stood since March 2000.

    The first generation of chatbots in financial services has yet to win over the majority of consumers. But as the technology improves, banks and payments companies foresee a variety of roles and abilities for these virtual assistants.

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    New technologies are poised to sweep through investment banks, relieving many rank-and-file employees of roughly a third of their current workload, according to McKinsey & Co. The shift, already stoking angst on Wall Street, may take only a few years.

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