Fintech News Issue #181 August 30th, 2018

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    Widespread artificial intelligence, biohacking, new platforms and immersive experiences dominate this year’s Gartner Hype Cycle.

    Becoming a truly digital financial institution is daunting. The challenges loom large — especially the dreaded "silos" and the difficulty of changing long-standing culture. But a clear understanding of the challenges and of what will be required to meet them lays the groundwork for incremental progress. Here is a series of actions banks and credit unions must take to break out of a status quo that soon will no longer be viable.

    Artificial intelligence has been a focus of discussions at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, over the past few years, so the organization decided to partner with Deloitte Consulting on a study that sought to "cut through the sensationalism surrounding AI" and offer helpful insights for business leaders and policymakers.

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