Fintech News Issue #291 November 19th, 2020

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    This week on Breaking Banks, Brett King is joined by Jo Ann Barefoot in the co-host chair as they speak with The Lord Mayor of London William Russell about the incredible VC and FinTech scene happening in the UK. The Lord Mayor discusses the impact that regtech has had on the industry and the Green Finance Initiative, aiming to make London the world leader in green finance. Then stayed tuned for another installment of Women in Fintech, a Breaking Banks initiative with host Chloe James. Chloe chats with Katie Palencsar Venture Studio Lead at Anthemis and Eli Polanco, Founder of Nivelo, about a recent report published by Anthemis, Empowering Female Founders – Moving from a Vicious Cycle to a Virtuous Cycle. Our guests reveal the difference between talk and action and discuss what TRUE change really looks like.

    Now, like most of us, I’ve done some reading about banking, and I’ve been inside quite a few banks. But from all I’d seen up to this point, I had the impression that everyone in banks worked out front with the customers — either taking in money or handing it out, either paying interest or charging it. This, plus checking accounts, seemed to be it. Which meant that all that anybody in a bank did was add, subtract, multiply and divide.

    Fintech’s free will
    via Roll Call

    Jenny Xia Spradling, the co-founder of Free Will, recounts her journey, why she walked away from her first startup, and how her new big venture has enabled over $1 billion of donations to nonprofits

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