Fintech News Issue #315 - Banking = Stress? May 31st, 2021

Every week or month a new neobank is popping up somewhere across the US, Asia or the EU. Each targeting a segment of humans like freelancers, students, conscious people, underbanked, kids, Women you name it. But why? Because one of the most fundamental pains people feel with banking in unsolved to date.

Alex Johnson (@AlexH_Johnson) puts it like that in a recent survey of the FinTech Collective: "Banking isn’t broken because the UIs are ugly. Banking isn’t broken because fees, as a generic concept, are evil. Banking isn’t broken because it didn’t come with enough glow-in-the-dark debit cards. Banking is broken because, for far too many people, money = stress. 85 million Americans believe that ‘developing a healthier relationship between money and happiness is crucial to their future financial success. So, let’s build that!"

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    WWF film and discussion. "Our Planet: Too Big To Fail. The potential of the financial world for a sustainable future.

    Amsterdam FinTech Week
    via Amsterdam FinTech Week

    Amsterdam Fintech Week, in short XFW, gathers all stakeholders and players active in the ecosystem of digital finance. The goal is to connect players within the European Fintech space and to involve key stakeholders to participate. While enabling the market to do it’s work, we also want to explore how we can make financial services more accessible, understandable and impactful.

    Finovate Asia Digital
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    Digitally meet international industry experts and discuss trends impacting Asian fintech through an immersive online platform. Learn from and network with the start-ups, tech platforms, financial institutions, regulators, and investors redefining financial services across Asia and beyond. 500+ senior decision makers. 50%+ from financial institutions. 10+ innovative demos. 50+ speakers. Hundreds of meetings.

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