Fintech News Issue #86 September 21st, 2016

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    Biggest Challenges
    by Fintech Finance

    Mary O’Connor discusses the biggest challenges in the financial industry.

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    Since its advent in 2009, bitcoin’s decentralized, broker-less and secure mechanism to send money across the world has steadily risen in popularity and adoption. Of equal — if not greater — importance is the blockchain, the technology that supports the cryptocurrency, the distributed ledger which enables trustless, peer-to-peer exchange of data.

    Numerous studies purport to show that fintech startups are more innovative than existing banks and credit unions. Now there are a lot of stupid things in the world of business, but this has got to be towards the top of the stupid list.

    Banks will like it. Purists not so much.

Top Events

    Ukrainian fintech market can boast the development of blockchain technologies. A group of specialists has been formed in Kiev, and thanks to their efforts the country is among top-3 regulators of blockchain trends. Here you can find everything what is needed for gathering major players of blockchain community of CIS countries and Europe.

    Mobile Banking and Payments USA is a close-knit platform bringing together 150 C-level and senior mobile, digital, product and data decision-makers from financial institutions. At Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA

    With the increasing popularity of over the top applications and the decreased use of traditional voice services, operators are dedicated to finding new services and verticals in order to remain relevant to their fast paced consumers.

FinTech Articles

    Understanding competitive threats has always been the foundation of a strong strategic planning process. With so many new firms competing for share of wallet, which fintech firms should be watched?

    If fintech entrepreneurs want to come up with a holistic business proposition that actually solves a real-world problem, they must tap into the knowledge in banking

    It is always challenging to look for new topics worth mentioning related to blockchain or distributed ledger technology. One issue that needs special attention is financial regulation reporting under blockchain.

    Despite a range of successful trials and projects aimed to test blockchain-powered solutions, we are still a step or two away from the industry-wide implementation of distributed ledger technology in core banking infrastructure.

    Banks collaborating with fintechs for mutual benefit has long been the preferred narrative when discussing the future of financial services.

    With all the new coverage of Wells Fargo's fake-account debacle, I have yet to see an answer to this pivotal question: How does one simply miss over 5,300 wrongdoers at a bank?

    Understand how retail and corporate banks across global regions are adopting to digital transformation (DX) in IT, finance, and marketing. Explore where institutions in various regions are focusing DX efforts, how banks are measuring digital transformation initiatives, and which business models are driving the need for transformation. Download the Document

    RegTech is a couple of years in catch-up with FinTech, and is all about how to use technologies to make regulations more efficient and effective. The claim is that the UK leads the field in this space, but why would that be?

    Whether for business or pleasure, the Internet, social media and digital access to information and applications, are a fundamental and fully integrated aspect of modern life. With so much personal technology now used day-to-day, wealth management customers increasingly expect 24/7 access to both digitally-delivered financial information and online assistance.