FinTech News Issue #110 March 23rd, 2017

Here comes the latest news in fintech, finance and technology. Why you shouldn't compete with fintechs, why banking should be opened and more articles worth reading this week. Enjoy! – Michael and the FinTech Weekly team

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    The Financial industry is not new to innovations. As human civilizations became more and more sophisticated, there was a need to create new financial products to serve the requirements of these complex societies. Technology in the financial sector is also not new and is around for a few decades now.

    Gartner defines Open Banking as the provision of services in the context of users through API platforms; app stores and apps. In simpler words, it means utilisation of open source technology which can allow third party developers to build applications and services so as to enable end customers with more control over their finances.

    Whenever we talk about innovation, it’s not, then, a question of perfecting habitual modes of thought and action but about harnessing inspiration and thinking laterally. I trust our varied programme today will serve to stimulate the latter.

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    Blockchain can be confidently called one of the most revolutionizing technologies for the past few decades. The great number of companies and the whole markets have already appreciated the benefits Blockchain brings to business.

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