Fintech News Issue #125 July 6th, 2017

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    Despite the rise in digital banking, an advantage of branch banking continues to be the value of personal interaction. But, could the benefits of face-to-face interaction be incorporated into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions?

    If you look at some of the most successful firms in the world today, it becomes evident that one trait is common among all of them. They’re successful not only because of the work they do, but also because they all have seamless UX supporting their technology.

    The research phase of the World Economic Forum's work with blockchain has only just begun, and already its managing director is beginning to explore a more hands-on approach.

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    How will technological developments like fintech and digital money shape the future financial system? Critics claim that it will be ruled by peer-to-peer systems. Undoubtedly, our society is rapidly evolving toward a less capital-intensive economy of ubiquitous on-demand shared assets and services. SAVE 50% with the code: CSDF48P2P

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    7 Trends of IoT in 2017
    via IoT Central

    By having the right IoT model companies will be rewarded with new customers, better insights, and improved customer satisfaction to mention few benefits.

    With 4.6 billion pieces of content produced daily, it might seem that our hunger for knowledge should be satisfied — but information production and distribution is not the same as consumption and it’s not as simple as just putting information out there.

    When the blockchain first arrived on the scene, people concentrated on its potential to disrupt the financial services industry. This included banks and other financial services players, who for several years now have been intensely studying and pondering the implications of this new technology for their businesses.

    It’s still early days for the IoT but everyday a little part of its burgeoning ecosystem becomes a factor in our lives, whether we know it or not.