Fintech News Issue #135 September 27th, 2017

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    CALLS FOR 2018 P2 APPLICANTS – 15 places open for first round of Switzerland’s Top Startup Accelerator Program.
    Potential candidates have until December 15th to prepare and submit their application with Switzerland’s leading accelerator. The P2 program itself will start on Match 5th, 2018 and run until August 23rd of the same year.

    Walk into the Bank of America in uptown Charlotte and you’d hardly know you’re in a bank. Instead of tellers behind high counters, you’ll find an interactive touch-screen learning wall, a video-conferencing room, a table showcasing new technology features, and a digital greeter.

    Just a few months after the Apple launched the iPhone, an issue of Forbes magazine appeared with this title on the cover: "Nokia. One Billion Customers - Can Anyone Catch the Cell Phone King?" Nobody expected what would happen next.

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