Fintech News Issue #160 March 22nd, 2018

Is the future uncertain for the fintech industry? How will quantum computers make all our current digital security measures look like a joke? And how will Amazon shake the banking industry? All these questions will (almost) be answered in this issue. – Michael and the FinTech Weekly team

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    The Uncertain Future of Fintech
    via The Financial Brand

    The exact nature of collaboration and competition between legacy financial organizations and new fintech providers remains uncertain. Banks and credit unions must continue to explore strategic options, however, as technology changes and regulations evolve.

    I know that we deal with quite complicated things in financial technologies. AI, AGI, ASI (Artificial Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Super Intelligence); machine learning and deep learning; blockchain, shared ledgers and distributed ledger technologies; cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies and digital currencies; Open Banking and Open APIs; and so on and so forth.

    Who needs a banking charter, anyway? Not Amazon. The most feared company in America keeps finding new ways to eat into banks’ revenues, even though it is supposedly on the wrong side of the industry’s regulatory moat.

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